Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pretty Little Liars.

Hi Ladies!
So I am going to diverge from my normal topics to discuss the Pretty Little Liars
Season 3 Finale (Episode 24). 

Now before I continue, I will be releasing spoilers in this post so click away if you haven't
seen the episode or read the books.

Now where to begin! Lets start with something light.. Ezria..
Although I enjoyed that relationship, it wasn't going anywhere and there
are only so many story lines of Teacher-Student relationships before it gets slightly old.
On a good note, it ended on a passionate note and only on good terms. However, now 
that he is her substitute it might be weird..

Now the biggie.. Spencer.. She has joined the A team. But dont worry! She's on
the good team, she's just working from the inside. She told Mona to earn her
trust that she would lure the girls to a remote house for a "party" to celebrate her release
from Radley. The girls catch on from a nice hint from Spencer herself and plan a way to 
see "Red Coat". However, once everyone got into the building, somehow everyone gets
locked in and the building is put into flames. Now if you have read the books, this ties in
very similar to the portion of the book where the girls rescue a girl out of the burning woods. 
However, when the girls wake up they believe they pulled out Allison but the girl is gone.
It seems they've put a reverse roll in this episode. I have a feeling they are pulling a similar 
outcome to the books. In the books a twin is introduced where we later find out reversed rolls. 
The real Allison believed that her twin had ruined her life by choosing these girls and 
was gunning for revenge. Although it may not be exactly the same, I believe
they are definitely going to be pulling for the same ideas..

I guess we have to wait till June to find out. 

Until next time...


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