Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 25 Hits and BAM. Time to Prepare for Fall.

Yesterday I saw my very first back to school commercial this year.. EEK! 
Along with that, it seemed that some of my favourite stores began releasing their fall collections! 
This seems crazy to me. I am taking summer classes so I can graduate in April (YAY 9 months!)...
 so my summer has just flown by. 
I must admit though, I love the heat of summer but fall is one of my favourite seasons. 
The layers of clothes, the rich colours, but I must admit... I am a sucker for back to school shopping of any kind... clothes, makeup or stationary (University Student in me! haha) 
So here are just a few things I have started to lust over...

What are some of yours?? 

Thanks for Reading!
--XO A 

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