Monday, August 6, 2012

Taylor Morgan Designs.

I wanted to share one of my favourite bloggers!

I just read her latest post while drinking my morning coffee 
and I fell even more for her!
She like me, a starving student in college just trying to
make her dreams come true. 
However, I have the benefit of living at home to help cut down my costs, 
however I know she isn't given that ability. 
She is a VERY TALENTED FIT student in NYC!! 
She makes bracelets, veils, and other spectacular items! 
So please go check out her blog and her etsy store and show her some support. 
Even a small comment goes a long way!

Please go check her out, and show her some love! 
Let her know I sent you :)

Here are a few of her pieces from her etsy store. 


  1. You are so sweet! This made my day!! I love meeting new friends in the blog world and hope you will stay in touch :) its great meeting other people who understand the starving student days too ;) thank u for this sweet post!


    1. Im so glad you liked this! You are so talented and your hard work shows in your blog :) I just wanted others to appreciate your talent like I get to :) How far are you in your program? Im going into my final year and its nice to see the end of these days!!

  2. Interesting post, dear! Thanks for shearing :)