Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Nail Polish Trends!

Cream Colours!
I love cream, pale shades of nail polishes. They remind me of Easter Eggs from when I was little. Some of  my favourites are a mint green, pale pink or robins egg blue! Here is what I use :)

Minted Green: 
Revlon 'Jaded'
LOVE the colour, HATE the formula. It is goopy and I can never get it fully opaque. Any suggestions of dupes?

Bright Coral:
Essie 'Peach Daiquiri'
Amazing, bright colour! It has an amazing formula and perfect pigmentation. I use about 3 coats before I get the perfect colour. 

Pale Blue
Essie 'Lapiz of Luxury'
This colour is subtle but has a beautiful colour against almost any colour of top or dress. Definitely one of my top picks.

What are your favourites? Any good dupes for the minted green colour?

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